Sciedu Press Develops an Innovative Publishing Solution for Scholarly Journals

Sciedu Press is a leading online publisher of scholarly journals and e-articles. The publisher uploads thousands of articles every year for users to download for free.

The Gold Open Access Model

The Sciedu Press follows a Gold Open Access model, which makes it much easier for authors to upload their work. The Gold Open Access model is accessed for free. Publishing fee is usually recovered through subscription fee or through funding by external sources and supporters. This allows research work to be spread in a timely manner, fulfilling Sciedu’s aim of free flow of information while giving authors a break on huge publishing charges. In fact, less than 30 percent of authors have to pay for the publishing fee, which is quite a small percentage compared to the green access model of publishing.

The Sciedu Press Advantage

The Sciedu Press firmly believes in giving authors credit where it is due. This is why Sciedu Press emphasizes copyright belongs to authors ( Sciedu Press’s policy: Copyrights for articles are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal).the online publisher provides the most versatility for both authors and universities looking for research work.

Our Corporate Responsibility

All of the articles published through the Sciedu Press are peer reviewed and go through a strict checking process in order to meet the quality requirements that the various fields of study demand. This is why only about half of the journals received are published on the open access journal.

The Sciedu Press encourages the free flow of information and firmly believes that the Gold Open Access Model will encourage authors to publish more of their work online to speed up advancements in their respective fields. The Sciedu Press only holds first publisher rights, which means that authors are free to publish their research work anywhere else they desire.

In fact, the publisher encourages authors to upload work on their own website in order to gain more recognition in their respective fields. The authors hold full copyright for their work, with Sciedu Press only retaining first publisher rights.