Sciedu Press Adopts New Policy for Journal Reviews

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is a publication agency in Canada that publishes and promotions scientific research and education. The agency aims to disseminate scientific knowledge all over the world in the effort to raise maximum awareness in the field of research and education.

Sciedu’s Reviewers Selection Policy

Like many publishers, Sciedu has a double blind peer review policy. This means that the identity of the author(s) of a publication and it reviewer(s) remain anonymous. The objective of this policy is to make reviews as unbiased as possible.

Double-blind peer review also saves the reviewer from the pressure and anxiety of being associated with a stereotype. It has been seen that performance in academic contexts can be diminished by the awareness that one’s behaviour might be viewed through the lens of a negative stereotype about his/her social group.

There are several forms of bias that are not regularly discussed. For instance, there is implicit bias, where the reviewers do hold prejudices in their mind even if they do not express it openly. Then there also the issue of prestige, where affluent writers are seen negatively and their success is linked with their status instead of theiracademic work.

Finally, keeping the identity a secret ensures that new reviewers do not feel pressured or fear of backlash from the scientific community while critiquing an authoritative paper. In the absence of the double blind peer review policy, reviewers may be forced to approve of mediocre papers just so they can hold on to their job, funding, or scholarship.


Within this framework, Sciedu Press also accepts recommendations from editors and reviewers, which can trigger a second round of peer review. This means that review process for scientific publications has now become even more robust. And even though the agency accepts recommendations only on rare occasions, these policies clearly demonstrate Sciedu’s commitment to excellence and integrity.

Unbiased reviews will only help solidify Sciedu’s position as a rigorous and serious publishing agency. Most importantly, quality reviews ensure that students and researches across the globe have access to the most accurate scientific data available, none of which will be influenced by the negative factors