Call for Papers—Special Issue on “Entrepreneurship: Global Vision and Different Dimensions”

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We are seeking submissions for the special edition on “Entrepreneurship” published in March 2014. Your submission will make an important contribution to the quality of this journal.

The paper should be written in professional English. The length of 3000-8000 words is preferred. All manuscripts should be prepared in MS-Word format, and submitted online: or sent to:


Relevant subtopics for this special issue include:

1) The entrepreneur as an outcome of his/her individual characteristics.

2) Differences between the entrepreneur and the resources administrator.

3) Entrepreneur and top management team. Differences and overlaps of these theories.

4) The entrepreneur as discoverer of opportunities. The capacity for discovery and its characteristics.

5) The discovery or creation of entrepreneurial opportunities in terms of belonging to capital, social and institutional networks.

6) The discovery or creation of entrepreneurial opportunities in relation to the conditions of the industrial sector.

7) The discovery or creation of entrepreneurial opportunities within the firm and how the entrepreneur achieves the cooperation of managers and employees.

8) Knowledge creation and innovation as a consequence of entrepreneurial activity.

9) Impact of the corporate entrepreneur initiatives on organizational performance.

10) Talent selection, development and retention for corporate entrepreneur

11) Contingency approaches to corporate entrepreneur: Variation in corporate entrepreneur practices across contextual environments.

12) Leadership for organizational renewal through corporate entrepreneur (CE) and linkage of CE to corporate strategy.


We are also open to interesting and imaginative ideas that do not fit neatly within any of the above topics but that do fit within the spirit and intent of this call for papers.

Guest Editors: Marta Peris-Ortiz( ) and Carlos Rueda Armengot( )

Publication date: March, 2014

Deadline for Submission: February 25th, 2014

For any further information about special issue, please open the link:  or contact with me by email:

Thank you for your time reading this email and I am looking forward to receiving your submission.

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