Sciedu Press Adopts New Policy for Journal Reviews

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is a publication agency in Canada that publishes and promotions scientific research and education. The agency aims to disseminate scientific knowledge all over the world in the effort to raise maximum awareness in the field of research and education.

Sciedu’s Reviewers Selection Policy

Like many publishers, Sciedu has a double blind peer review policy. This means that the identity of the author(s) of a publication and it reviewer(s) remain anonymous. The objective of this policy is to make reviews as unbiased as possible.

Double-blind peer review also saves the reviewer from the pressure and anxiety of being associated with a stereotype. It has been seen that performance in academic contexts can be diminished by the awareness that one’s behaviour might be viewed through the lens of a negative stereotype about his/her social group.

There are several forms of bias that are not regularly discussed. For instance, there is implicit bias, where the reviewers do hold prejudices in their mind even if they do not express it openly. Then there also the issue of prestige, where affluent writers are seen negatively and their success is linked with their status instead of theiracademic work.

Finally, keeping the identity a secret ensures that new reviewers do not feel pressured or fear of backlash from the scientific community while critiquing an authoritative paper. In the absence of the double blind peer review policy, reviewers may be forced to approve of mediocre papers just so they can hold on to their job, funding, or scholarship.


Within this framework, Sciedu Press also accepts recommendations from editors and reviewers, which can trigger a second round of peer review. This means that review process for scientific publications has now become even more robust. And even though the agency accepts recommendations only on rare occasions, these policies clearly demonstrate Sciedu’s commitment to excellence and integrity.

Unbiased reviews will only help solidify Sciedu’s position as a rigorous and serious publishing agency. Most importantly, quality reviews ensure that students and researches across the globe have access to the most accurate scientific data available, none of which will be influenced by the negative factors

Sciedu Press: Launching International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging

A research publication agency in Canada, Sciedu Press (Linkedin) handles the promotion and publication of all scientific research and education. The goal is to spread and increase awareness of scientific knowledge all over the world. Their dedication and love for knowledge can be seen by their name Sciedu, which is an amalgamation of science and education. What sets them apart is that they don’t only handle research work from Canada, but from all over the world.

The major expertise of Sciedu Press lies in the field of education, culture, engineering, business, medicine, as well as biological and social sciences. They publish scholarly journals, educational books and pamphlets. They also support and sponsor research projects through international networks and corporation in science, education and culture. Sciedu wants to be able to bring scientific educational research into the hands of the masses.

Sciedu Press has based its values on the pillars of excellence and integrity. This is what sets them apart from all other professionals in the field. They believe that only through mutual respect and a complete devotion to the subject is what can lead to success.

International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging is a new way of allowing open access, peer-reviewed online journal, which promotes and publishes original research based articles about and related to the clinical practices for Diagnostic Imaging. Since it is based on modern approach, the idea is to propel all scientific researches and advancements in diagnostic imaging.

The best thing about this open access online journal is that researchers, academics and scientists throughout the globe would be able to communicate with each other, share information and discuss their individual findings. This in turn would help expand the field in vast proportions.

Diagnostic Journal aims to make administrative costs cheaper, which is why it accepts both email and online submissions. No more is there a need to send copies through post, just submit all the material online and become linked with other professionals. Since the idea is to promote scientific research, a strict no plagiarism policy is followed and only original articles are accepted.

Recent times have revealed that diagnostic imaging is not only feasible, it is a must. As scientific knowledge about human body increases, the need for newer technologies also increases. Diagnostic imaging allows doctors and researchers to have better view of the body functions and be able to make accurate diagnosis of maladies and ailments.

This is reason why readers should join the reviewer team. By becoming part of this scientific journal, they would show their support and appreciation of the project. After all, the future lies in the advancement, rise and spread of scientific education.

Sciedu Press has a strong sense of responsibility, which is why they want to spread scientific and original research education throughout the world. They are rigorous and serious publishers, who understand the demand for renovation as well as innovation. This is the reason they launched their Diagnostic journal so that no student, researcher or internist is left without adequate scientific data. This journal will lead to the facilitation of publication and an easy access for one and all.

It will also result in minimized administrative costs, as libraries and individuals would be able to access research online. Sciedu Press understands this rising need and meets the challenge heads on through the publication of its International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging.

Accounting and Finance Research Published by Sciedu Press Gets Indexed in Econlit

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) fully understands the importance of scientific publishing. It presently specializes in scholarly journals, scientific publications and educational books in the areas of medicine, social sciences, engineering, business and management. In addition to delivering scientific publications to professionals across the globe, Sciedu Press promotes world-wide, barrier-free networks and cooperation in science, education, and culture. The publishing house can also be contacted for the sponsor of scientific research projects which is in the best interests of the academic community. At Sciedu Press, professionals can focus on what really counts, i.e. instant access to accurate and updated research.

The Journal of Accounting and Finance Research

Published by Sciedu Press, the Journal of Accounting and Finance Research provides researchers, educators, academic professionals and students the most accurate and advanced research in a broad range of areas including accounting, investment, corporate finance, insurance, monetary banking, stock exchange and capital markets.

Sciedu Press is committed to providing advance learning, knowledge and research to all professionals world wide and the Accounting and Finance Research journal is published in both online and printed versions. All published content is open access and can be downloaded for free. The dedication of the Journal of Accounting and Finance Research to advancing knowledge is quite evident within their online and printed journals.


Econlit, the electronic bibliography published by the American Economic Association is the most reliable source for research, literature, abstracts and citations related to economics. Researchers can find a comprehensive index of articles, journals, book reviews, books, articles, dissertations and working papers in an easily searchable format.

With researchers able to access extensive full-text journals seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Econlit has now become the number one source of citations and abstracts related to economics and other allied disciplines.

Econlit Indexing and the Journal of Accounting and Finance Research – The Impact

Econlit uses high-quality standards set by the Journal of Economic Literature to index articles, books, working papers, dissertations and journals. The database contains more than one million records related to economic research and there’s something for every professional.

The authors and editors at Sciedu Press do a great job as accounting and finance research published by the organization is indexed in Econlit. At its Core, what Sciedu Press shares with Econlit is a deep dedication to knowledge and research. Of the thousands of scientific publishing houses, not many have established the same exceptional research base as Sciedu Press. What really makes this publishing house different from others is the strong sense of responsibility and commitment to support education and research.